Quality Label

Quality Label

úterý 22. června 2010

Holiday in Slovakia

Dear friends,

We would like to invite you to nice summer holiday in Slovakia.
We hope you will like it.

Great summer holiday!!!

sobota 5. června 2010

Holiday Tour around the Czech republic

Hello our Slovak friends,
the summer holidays are coming and we all hope you maybe will want to visit our country.
So we have chosen some interesting places for you:
Holiday Tour around the Czech republic

We hope you like it and maybe you will come to some of these places :-)

sobota 8. května 2010

How we celebrated 5th Birthday of eTwinning :-)

 eTwinning celebrated 5 years of its existence and we celebrated too.
We invited our parents to have a look at our eTwinning Projects, prepared blue and yellow cakes and played
Funny Pentathlon.We really enjoyed it!
It was the Big Fun :-)
                                          Your Czech partners

pondělí 26. dubna 2010


Hello everyone,
do you know "What does a videoconference mean??"
Czech and Slovak students know it very well,now.
On Thursday 22 April we organised common videoconference.
It was great to see and hear our friends in reality.
Some students were little bit afraid of speaking English but it was fine.
Everything what you need is :

It´s great to use modern technology at school!

                                                                               See you soon again!

čtvrtek 1. dubna 2010

We wish you Nice Easter

We have holiday now and we wish you Nice Easter

úterý 30. března 2010

Wash me - advert Slovakia

Hello. This is the advert about washing powder.